Tired. No energy. Depressed.


Yes.  Now what? 

Step 1.  Serve someone.  Do something nice for someone else that is completely unexpected and with pure motives.  By helping others, you release energy within yourself.

Step 2.  Remember a fun time that you had with people you love.  Visualize it.  See yourself there.  Find a picture.  Smile and even laugh a little.

Step 3.  Think about something in the future that you want to do with the people you love and the great times and memories that you’ll have.  Write it down.

Step 4.  Turn off the TV, internet news, talk radio and stop checking your email and text messages – basically stop filling your mental and emotional tank with the lowest common denominator.  This includes Facebook and Twitter as you cannot control what people post and unfortunately the way you’ll react to it.  Choose what you want to fill your mind with instead of letting others dump on you. 

I recently heard a story about a New York City taxi driver that had incredible insight into this issue.  One day he was giving a man a ride home from the airport.  As they approached an intersection, another car flew into their lane causing the taxi driver to swerve into the oncoming lane.  Thinking that the taxi driver was somehow to blame, the driver of the other car started yelling and screaming with his fist in the air.  Welcome to New York City the passenger thought to himself, just waiting for the onslaught of obscenities to begin. 

Completely to his surprise however, the taxi driver just smiled, waved and kept on going.  The passenger was completely amazed at the restraint the taxi driver had shown.  Quite astonished, he asked how the taxi driver could be so calm and collected in this situation where the other driver was clearly in the wrong and nearly killed them.  In response the taxi driver stated that he viewed everyone like a garbage truck.  When some people’s lives get too full of garbage, they tend to dump their loads on whoever might cross their path.  My goal, he continued, is to keep my lid on and not take on anyone else’s trash.

When we are not selective of our input, we can quickly become overwhelmed and the next thing you know, we are dumping our loads on everyone we run into.  So, let’s keep our lids on and only open our minds to things that are positive and encouraging.  That way, when we do run into others we will have something positive to give.

“If you’re always giving someone a piece of your mind; pretty soon you won’t have any left.”

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