If you don’t make eye contact – they can’t see you…


One of my pet peeves is when people don’t make eye contact. You can be the only person walking down the hallway and for whatever reason; the person approaching won’t make direct eye contact.

As a leader, this is NOT an option. Here’s why. When you don’t make eye contact, you will immediately be judged as having some of the following qualities:

1. Low self-image

2. Self absorbed

3. Arrogant

4. Un-caring

5. Rude


Contrast this with someone who makes good eye contact and even provides a smile or welcoming comment:

1. Confident

2. Friendly

3. Personable

4. Outgoing

5. Caring

Being a leader is less about the success you achieve and more about how you make other people feel when they are around you.

Do you exemplify confidence, compassion and caring qualities when you interact with others? Do you treat others with respect even in difficult situations? 

People won’t always remember what successful projects you led, but they will always remember how you made them feel.  So lead well.  Lead with love, respect and strength.

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