Point of Beginning


When preparing as legal description for a property, there are a few critical items a professional surveyor needs to clearly identify.  One of them is the starting point for the property in question commonly known as the Point of Beginning (POB).  In order to find the POB, the surveyor will start at a known point such as the corner of a section line and describe a series of bearings and distances from that point to the POB.  An example of this would look like “starting at the southwest corner of Section 1, Township 1 South, Range 67 West of the 6th Principle Meridian, thence 2,640 feet at 0-degrees, 10-minutes; 38-seconds to the True Point of Beginning.”

Without this level of detail, you wouldn’t have any idea where this particular property is located.  With this information however, any surveyor in the world can easily identify this location.

The same can be said in dealing with people.  In order to connect with others, you also need to know their point of beginning.  This is particularly important in difficult situations.  If you have any hope in convincing anyone to agree with you, the first thing you need to do is find a common point of beginning, or common ground.  Find the things you agree on first and reinforce this agreement as much as possible during the conversation.  It’s then and only then, that you’ll be able to lead them to your way of thinking.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

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2 comments on “Point of Beginning
  1. Laura Kroeger says:

    Like your thought, I would also suggest going back further to the true POB. Which is to me the person’s personal experience that has shaped their values and how they view the world. When you better understand a persons POB it helps you communicate more effectively, (especially if they are listening through filters) so you can better relate to their perspective and build a sincere relationship. Then you have a strong base when you have to resolve conflict and find that common beginning point. My kids are being way too quiet I better go check on them, hoping that didn’t find the halloween candy for tomorrow. ?

    Thank for your insight I enjoy reading your posts.

    Sent from my iPhone

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