Don’t Get Bitter – Get Better


There are certain constants in life.  One is – stuff happens.

But when things don’t seem to go your way, you have a choice point.  Choose to let the thing take control of your emotions and set a path of mental destruction or control your emotions and look for ways to navigate through the situation.

I once played golf with a guy who would absolutely explode when he didn’t hit a good shot.  Off the tee box, if he topped the ball and it barely rolled past the ladies tee’s, he would spend the following few moments cussing and screaming and hitting his club on the ground – or worse yet, toss his club farther down the fairway than his ball flew. 

Being around guys like this completely takes all the fun and enjoyment out of the moment – it’s just a game – shouldn’t it be fun?

One of the other guys I was playing with whispered something to me that I’ll never forget.  He said, “You know what I’ve found in life?  You’re only as big as the things that you let bother you.”  In that moment, he held up his hand like he was holding a golf ball and stated “I used to be about this big, then one day I realized, that if I wanted to achieve more in life, I should probably stop letting the little things take control of me.”

In that moment I realized who was really in control of the angry golfer.  The ball. 

We all make bad shots in life, be it on the golf course or in our daily routine.  The goal is to not let your bad shots determine your end game, rather your attitude that helps you finish well – even with a few bad shots along the way.

How do you let go of the bad shots and keep moving forward?

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